Haircuts:  Our full service treatment that includes Nails, Ears, Glands, bath, drying, and all over haircut.    Prices dependent on breed, size, temperament, and selection.    

Minigrooms:   Same as above, except we only trim the face, feet, and fanny.   Great for a quick cleanup or for owners who wish to keep their dogs hair long.

De-shed:   Excellent service that gets all those dead follicles off of your dog and keeps your house cleaner.    Service includes Nails, Ears, Glands, Bath, and Drying.  Prices dependent on breed, size, temperament, and selection.  Great for Shepherds, Labs, Husky’s, etc..

Nails:  Nail trims done 1st thing in the morning, call in advance to secure an appointment.   Includes clipping and grinding.

Pet Pickup and Delivery

Pickup and delivery available in select communities, ask for pricing.