Pet Sitting 

Whether you’re on a well-deserved vacation, a quick weekend getaway, or working long hours, our four legged friends still need to be cared for. Our team can bring in the mail, turn on lights, and feed your pets. Combine this with a dog walk or yard cleanup for maximum value. Sign up now.

Dog Walking 

Got a young dog who needs exercise? A hyper dog that needs an outlet for all that energy? Let us take your fun-loving friend for a nice walk. You decide how long and where we go. We will even clean up in case of a potty break. Sign up now. 

Yard Cleanup 

We all love our dogs, but who loves the surprises they leave us in the backyard? Relax, we have a solution for you. Our weekly service will guarantee a clean, waste-free lawn to maximize your outdoor fun. Sign up now.  

Pet Taxi 

Can’t be in two places at once? Need dog food, but don’t have time?   We are here to transport your dog or cat to the vet, the groomer, doggie daycare, or even the kennel.   Food and medicine runs too! Available in the Hendersonville, Flat Rock, and Mills River areas. Sign up now.