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Please note, we have about a one week lead-time in appointments for dog grooming.

The Refined Pup offers a variety of exceptional pet services, including dog and cat grooming, pet sitting, dog walking, yard cleanup, and pet taxi. Our groomers pamper your dog or cat from head to toe, promising the utmost comfort and style. And if you’re out of town, or you’ve got a difficult work schedule, we’re here to ensure that your four-legged loved ones get the care they need.

And now, by popular demand, we have partnered with Blue Ridge Community College to offer dog training classes next door to our grooming location!  We will have three classes to start...Puppy Training, Dog Level I and Dog Level II.  These classes are 5 weeks in length and limited to 5 participants, so sign up soon!  See more info by clicking the Cultured Pup link below.

Help Us Support Hungry Paws

Hungry Paws is intended to be a one time, short term bridge to help animals in need during this unique crisis. Our theory is that right now, there are folks who don't have enough money to feed themselves much less their animals. We don't want people to surrender their animals to the Shelters because they cannot afford them right now.  Learn More!